Bar Counter Stools ...

It used to be kitchens were about the only place decorators thought of using bar stools as furnature - almost never in the "formal" areas, and certainly not in the bedroom..

Well that's all changed, and why we created this special page on the site. We hope you'll soon see they can compliment almost any room decor now, without breaking the bank.


Bar counter stools are certainly becoming popular, but they aren't just for the kitchen anymore. In fact, they are growing in popularity for the den, patio, and certainly for any recreation room. They're perfect for setting a fun atmosphere around the billiards table, a party atmosphere for the bar by an outside pool, or a classy and contemporary look for a modern living room or den. And yes, they still work great in a kitchen as well.

Contemporary Kitchen Bar Counter Stools

And with so many styles to choose from, home decorating can become pretty exciting. There are fabulous 360 degree swivel bar stools with sleek designs and keenly contemporary looks, chrome metal finishes and black padded seat cushions, and all the way across the spectrum to a straight backed Old English, deeply grained and finely finished solid wood bar counter stool with softly upholstered, earthy toned seats. There's just about everything else to choose from in between as well, which simply means you have plenty of options to choose from.

For elegance and grace, select a set of highly polished oak bar stools with high backs, soft cushions and swivel seats to warm up the dining area and charm your guests. Add a dark brown, beige or even black tweed for the back and seat covering to finish out the look, or perhaps add a curved leg design to top off the decor of the room. What's even better is that you can get all that for very reasonable prices.

Prefer a more modern design? No problem. Bar counter stools for a more contemporary interior design package come in all shapes, sizes and colors. For example, you might want to select a classy modern looking barstool with a study metal frame for support, but is completely covered with softly brushed leather. Or maybe you'd rather it have no coverings at all ... wrought-iron frames, perhaps whicker seats and backs for the patio or all metal construction with radiantly colored supports and contemporary seat cushions. You can do that.

For the patio, pool or recreation room, how about bamboo? Or whicker? Or even Bristol bar stools by Hillsdale, which last forever, are beyond comfortable and come at great prices? No issues at all. They're all available.

There are tremendous possibilities with bar counter stools for just about any room in the house - and we haven't even mentioned offices and other business applications. You can get them for work as well ... and yes, they are certainly good in plenty of kitchen environments as well. But that's not where it ends. With the selection we have available today, bar counter stools can belong in any room you have people who would like to sit a spell.

Backless Bar Counter Stools

Bar Counter Stools - So just how many different styles are there? A few searches on the net will quickly show there are quite a few ... with options of all kinds and prices that are about as varied. I'm betting there's a style that will fit about any need, but let's take a look at a few ...


You bet. Backless barstools are probably where the craze all started, and they are still a great choice for the den, game room or home bar. They come with wood or metal support framing and have everything from colorful vinyl seat cushions to no cushion at all. For example, you could select a simple backless design made out of wood or wrought iron for a poolside or patio application, and even have them sized for your table or bar height. Or, pick out a brass or shiny aluminum style with a colorful cushion to modernize any kitchen or den.

Contemporary and Modern or Classic and Classy

Bar counter stools can fit in just about any room decor now. Brightly colored seat and back cushions with brushed, shiny or even painted metal framing and supports can turn any kitchen, den, recreation room or patio into a modern "let's have fun" environment. On the other hand, selecting a style with a high back support - and covered with a cool, earth toned brushed leather cushion set - can certainly bring a touch of elegance to any contemporary room setting, be that a home office, den or living room. And by selecting a curved support pattern made from mahogany, stained oak or even cherry, then adding a plush leather cushion for the final touch can add beauty and class to any living area. The end result is that you can accent just about any room theme with the right choice of bar stools.

Adjustable vs fixed Height

Bar counter stool average height is about 30", and yes - you can get them in standard sizes that range from 18 to 34 inches, and even have half, shorter or oversized stools made by special order. Some online shops even offer odd sizes at standard prices, so as long as you know your counter or table height, you're pretty much good to go. But an easier way to solve the problem is to order an adjustable height table or counter barstool. That way you can set it at any customized height that's comfortable for you, it's a perfect fit and there's no need to worry about measuring correctly before you buy. You can set it to just the right leg clearance and seating height once it arrives.


Swivel Bar Counter Stools

A Swivel bar stool is absolutely perfect for the dining room. In fact, many think it's more practical in that setting than the kitchen, since a kitchen is less likely to be carpeted than a dining room. Carpet makes it harder to slide a chair or barstool out from under the table, and although there are other reasons, we'll leave it at that for now.

And unless you want kitchen backless bar counter stools like you see in the neighborhood diner, comfort usually demands a backrest for support. As soon as you add that, the swivel bar stool makes sense, especially when getting out of the seat without having to slide the stool across the floor is a benefit.

Swivel mechanisms usually allow 360-degree rotation, which certainly helps where limited floor space makes it difficult to slide bar stools away from the counter. It also helps in room designs where the bar is on the perimeter of a larger gathering place, like a recreation area for example. It this case, a swivel bar stool allows your guests to watch what's happening on the pool table, and quickly turn 180-degress to get a refill (assuming that's important), without having to scoot chairs around.

Swivel bar stools also don't have to be modern or contemporary. With the right selection of wood or hand crafted metal for the supports, and the right fabric or leather for the cushions, elegance and tradition can be brought to any room setting. What's even better is that they don't have to cost more than stationary models, be they sophisticated and stylish for getting just the right look in a formal setting, or modern and durable for everyday use applications.

And if you're concerned about comfort ... you don't have to be. No cushion styles are certainly out there (poolside, patio, porch applications for example), but your choices aren't limited to that. Soft, comfortable, even plush seat and back cushions are definitely available in more styles, fabric types, designs and colors than you can imagine. And if you want a bamboo swivel bar stool with a brushed leather set of cushions ... I'm betting you can find that too, as there are literally hundreds of designs on the market today.

With a variety of fabrics, designs and patterns to choose from, as well as matching bar counters or tables available at many manufacturer locations, getting exactly what you need in a swivel bar stool is easier now than ever before. Although stationary models certainly have their place ... we don't recommend overlooking swivel models just because they've always been more expensive and harder to get as in the past. With just a little research, you'll be able to find something that fits both your home decorating needs as well as the budget.

Swivel bar stool or regular bar counter stools?

I guess the question really becomes, what features do you need or want in your barstool? As noted above, they are almost endless, especially if you consider expanding their use in the kitchen to just about any room in the house now.

For example, if you decide wood bar counter stools are needed in the formal dining area, you can get just the right accent for your room decor by selecting from several wood types, each with their own color and special grain pattern. Cherry, oak, mahogany, beech, maple, even pine with the right finish can look great.

On top of that, add some hand forged or wrought iron decorative framing, vinyl, tweed or leather fabric for seat and back cushions, a swivel bar stool or fixed position design, and you can get a pretty amazing look that's both distinct and absolutely right for the room.

Modern Bar Counter Stools

Or perhaps you need something sturdy, rust resistant and contemporary for the swimming pool area, outside deck, barbeque patio area or even the screened-in porch. Again, with a few ideas written down to help limit the scope, a couple minutes of research on the internet will reveal plenty of options for you. Wrought-iron, aluminum or brass, brushed metal, chrome, highly polished or even antiqued metal surfaces, all with or without cushions, and colors ranging from coal bucket black to shiny delicious apple red are all out there for you.

As a few final examples, let's assume you have the style selected but you have limited space. Easy - use a swivel bar stool to prevent having to move it around to get seated. Or you have an unorthodox table or counter height that prevents you from buying a standard barstool height. No problem, adjustable height models are readily available at about the same price.

Finally, what if you know all these things but need a special finish to match the room design. Again, no issues. Special finishes on both the supports as well as cushion fabrics and patterns are available. If you have something rare or exotic in mind, you might have to pay a bit more to have it custom made, but I'm betting you can find it out there.

In other words, whether swivel bar stool or a traditional stationary design, possibilities for bar counter stools are pretty much limited only by your imagination at this point. Perhaps the hardest part today is to decide what you want, rather than trying to figure out if it's available!